Which of the following verbs is a reflexive verb in Spanish? (1 point)1) Nosotros sentimos2) Te sientes3) Yo siento4) Yo lavoD1

Which of the following verbs is a reflexive verb in Spanish? (1 point) 1) Nosotros sentimos
2) Te sientes
3) Yo siento
4) Yo lavo

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  1. Answer- the reflexive verb reflects back on the sentence right?

    Ex: He shaved himself.

    So you know that the verbs have to reflect back o the sentence. Can you figure it out now?

    1) We feel

    2) you feel

    3) I feel

    4) I wash

    Those are the verb phrases in English. Try to figure it out, if you can't let me know and I'll explain a little more.

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