Which organism from the video is the least useful for relative dating?

Which organism from the video is the least useful for relative dating?

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  1. hypoxemia refers to a below usual concentration of oxygen in the blood, mainly in the arteries. hypoxemia is an indication of an issue associated with circulation or breathing and may lead to various symptoms like shortness of breath.  

    the condition is identified by determining the level of oxygen in the blood sample obtained from an artery. it can also be predicted by determining the oxygen saturation of the blood with the application of a pulse oximeter.  

    the normal arterial oxygen is about 75 to 100 mm hg. the values underneath 60 mm hg is generally considered with the requirement for supplemental oxygen. the normal pulse oximeter readings generally range between 95 to 100 percent. the values under 90 percent are regarded as low.  

    in the given case, the oxygen saturation is measured at 93 percent, hence, there is no need to administer oxygen, that is, one should withhold oxygen.  

  2. water is a polar molecule. a chemical bond is a force of attraction between atoms or ions. bonds form when atoms share or transfer valence electrons. atoms form chemical bonds to achieve a full outer energy level, which is the most stable arrangement of electrons. so, false


    in h2o molecule, two water molecules are bonded by a hydrogen bond but the bond between two h - o bonds within a water molecule are covalent. the greater the electronegativity difference, the more ionic the bond is. bonds that are partly ionic are called polar covalent bonds. nonpolar covalent bonds, with equal sharing of the bond electrons, arise when the electronegativities of the two atoms are equal.

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