Which statemebt best defines a theme in a shirt story

Which statemebt best defines a theme in a shirt story

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  1. he is. some of his decisions were very irresponsible and did lead to the death of both romeo and juliet, such as him marrying them too quick or him not clarifying romeo's plan with him.

    basically he did not think things through well enough or at all.

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  2. gilgamesh is an epic hero from birth, as he's brought to the world by the hand of several gods who shaped him with the goal of saving humanity. there's a passage from the text that reads "the glorious sun shamash bestowed upon him glory; adad the terrible god of storms bestowed upon him courage. the great gods perfected his magnificence beyond all others, terrible like the great wild bull". this is a great example that show some of the super-human qualities that the gods gave gilgamesh upon his birth.

    as gilgamesh grows he has to face many challenges that put his heroism to task. the courage he displays along the way, prove that he's ready to live up to the godly qualities brought upon him. at one point he has to overcome a wild beast by the name of hubamba "whose roar is a flood, whose mouth is fire, whose breath is death", as the text reads. the actions taken by gilgamesh, beating the beast with the use of his super-human force, examplify why he shoud be thought of as an epic hero.

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  3. me before you gives us insight of life meaning in unique way. it answers question about what kind of life you want and people’s struggle to be in the ideal condition of worth living. the author, jojo moyes, was intrigued by the case of daniel james who persuaded to end his life after suffering for years.

    it begins with louisa clark, a girl with boring life, lose her job at the café and start to stand on her feet by applying job as a private carer of disable man. the near location and the money they offer push her to come to the castle where the interview conducted. she was doubted by camilla traynor, a mother of quadriplegic man, with her inexperience but somehow, she is fully gain employed by camilla and her husband, steven traynor.

    on the other hand, will traynor, the disable man louisa take care of, is not an easy man to catch. he has sharp comments with everything she has done and seems unreachable. as time passed by, will become more open to louisa and they start to communicate better. that is until will has his sister, georgina, visited.

    brainliest .

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