Which statement is more accurate about abuse

Which statement is more accurate about abuse

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  1. The most accurate statement is 1)Both solar and lunar eclipses are caused by the movement of Earth and the moon, and can be viewed safely with protective gear.

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  2. I think A. Abuse is never the victims fault , because the victims don't ask for it , it's just something that happens that's terrible .

  3. A: Law enforcement officers are required to uphold the law.

    Explanation: Those under law enforcement are given a requirement to uphold the law as their actions are always taken into account in court. For example, an officer is required to read out the rights to an apprehended suspect out of necessity since the Miranda v. Arizona case of 1966 being a staple of how law enforcement officer's actions can be seen as unconstitutional and lose court cases due to it. Law enforcement officers also uphold the law so order within society can be maintained.

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