Which type of joint allows the upper arm to be raised and lowered?

Which type of joint allows the upper arm to be raised and lowered?

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  1. Explanation: Just did this test on Connections Academy. The answers are,

    1. ball and socket

    2. finger and elbow

    3. hypodermis, dermis, epidermis

    4. sunscreen

    5. two bones meeting at a joint

    I am 100% sure these are correct (I just did it and got a perfect score with these answers.)

  2. 1) lower jaw or jawbone

    2)  ligament

    3)  Flat Bones

    4) The axial skeleton

    5) Bone matrix

    6) periosteum

    7)  marrow

    8) Long bones

    9)  Sternum

    10) Irregular bones

    11) Cartilage

    12) tendon

    13) femur

    14) A ball-and-socket joint

    15) Joints

    16) Carpal Bones

    17) endochondral ossification

    18) greenstick fracture

    19) Osteoporosis

    20) pivot joint

    21) appendicular skeleton

    22) comminuted fracture

    23) Arthritis

    24) hinge

    25) patella

  3. A ball and socket joint allows the arms to move in a circular motion. A ball and socket joint is also called an spheroidal joint.

  4. 1. true

    2. true on the outside false on the inside


    4.torso forward

    5.hinge joints

    6. true

    7.the relative size of parts to the whole

    8. belivable

    9.the human body



    12.certain features

    13.the shins


    15.one becomes shorter and fatter

    and the other becomes longer and thinner

  5. 1. D) ball and socket
    2. B) finger and elbow
    3. B) hypodermis, dermis, epidermis
    4. C) sunscreen
    5. D) two bones meeting at a joint

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