While reading and taking notes on research in her area of interest, dana wrote down quotations from

While reading and taking notes on research in her area of interest, dana wrote down quotations from each article, along with the page numbers. as she begins to synthesize the information and write her literature review, her best strategy is to: ?

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  1. Her best strategy is to:  summarize the main points in her own words and include the relevant citations to the original work.
    This strategy will be very effective for her because she will prevent the act of plagiarism in her works while still able to provide necessary information that she took from previous writings

  2. 1. Think of writing the body of the literature first.
    2. Work on the conclusion of the literature.
    3. Work on the introduction of the literature.
    4. Make an interesting title for the literature.
    5. Proof read the literature and make sure that the APA style is employed.

    The idea behind writing the body of the literature first is to avoid the unnecessary stress which any writer and or researcher experience thinking of the title first and writing the introduction vice versa. 

    After writing the body of the literature, she must proceed to writing the conclusion immediately! The reasoning behind that is because brilliant thoughts are as volatile as the air! One time they are there, the next they aren't! So write them immediately because it only takes about 30mins maximum to write a fantastic conclusion.

    Now, writing the introduction of the literature comes next! The introduction must be really catchy plus it must have all the interesting stuff coming from the body while leaves a strong cliff hanger to kind of conceal the conclusion.

    The title comes last. The title must be interesting too and it must represent the whole study effectively in one glance.

    APA style is very important. Searching for all those pages and author names will be useless if APA style will not be employed in the literature.

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