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  1. A is not true 1984 Mondale Democrat nomatied a women for vice president
    C is not true Jesse Jackson ran for president
    the answer is 100 percent B

  2. The correct answer is A) following Constitutional laws.

    As the first President, George Washington's decisions regarding the inauguration ceremony, selecting a Cabinet and running two terms are all examples of following Constitutional laws.

    Since the very beginning, respect for the law exemplifies one of the principle of the United States democracy and respect of the law. Since George Washington, the President of the United States is invested in an official inaugural ceremony, according to the United States Constitution. He also has the power to select a cabinet of advisers that help him in the daily decisions of his presidency. The President also has the right to participate in a second election process for another term of his presidency.

  3. The correct answer is B) It was the first presidential election where an African American won a major party’s nomination for president.

    The most significant thing in the 2008 presidential election was that It was the first presidential election where an African American won a major party’s nomination for president.

    Barack Obama was the first African American that won a major party's nomination for president. He was the Democratic candidate for the presidency and won. Barack Obama represented all of the things that people demanded at that time after two terms of Republican George W. Bush. American people wanted a change and did not matter that Obama was an African American. He represented that change in that election. So under the slogan of "Yes, We Can," American people decided to give him a change and Obama became the 44th President of the United States in January 2009.

  4. D because he created a cabinet which I'd still used, he set the limit of 2 terms of 4 years each so he did many things that presidents still do

  5. (D) The detail about Theodore Roosevelt is emphasised by both authors is that his experiences working to secure rights for American workers.


    This is one of the details which is given by both the authors. Theodore Roosevelt is one of the major politicians who always worked for the rights and the fundamental duties of the citizens. He put many efforts like contributed in the construction of the panama canal so that the citizens can gain the benefits.

  6. These are in order

    1) Andrew Johnson


    3)Bill Clinton


    5)house of representatives

    6)judicial committee

    7)Tenure of Office Act

    8)Chief Justice just in case anyone thinks I’m wrong

    [tex]This politician from Tennessee became President following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, late[/tex]

  7. currently 50 states in the union.

    4th of July is a celebration of the day we stopped being a British colony.

    date=July 4th 1776



    George Washington

    John Adams

    Donald Trump

    Mike pence

    people ages 18 and older who are registered to vote but only citizens

    The vice president

    4 years

    document that founding fathers created to set up rules for the government





    executive, legislative, judicial


  8. The central idea of this text is that Adams and Jefferson's friendship might have been paused for a decade after the election, and even though they disagreed on several points, they still worked together to create a new nation. The third option is the right answer of part A.

    The way the author uses details to express this idea is by describing Jefferson and Adams' disagreements as well as their common ground and affection for one another. The first option is the right answer for part B.

  9. 1. he was the first president, but the second part can be proven 2.can be prove 3. can be proven 4. can be proven 5.can be proven


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