Why did Anti-Federalists believe that the Constitutional Convention had gone too far?

Why did Anti-Federalists believe that the Constitutional Convention had gone too far?

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  1. Anti-Federalists believe that it was critically  democratic society to provide constitutional guarantee  a free press because they encouraged an open exchange of ideas.

    Option B


    The Anti-Federalists are the people who never wanted a stronger US central government. Since they wanted to avoid the central government from becoming a tyrannical power.

    The First Amendment, it is provided freedom for the press. That they write anything without censorship about anything or anyone including the government. They encouraged this open exchange of their views since they never wanted to punish any people.

    They believed that they couldn't stop people from criticizing anything. At the same time they didn't want to punish them if so, it would show the government to be tyrannical.

  2. B is the correct answer.

    The primary objection of the Anti-Federalists towards the Constitution was that it made the central government too strong.

    This was a worry for the anti-Federalists as they saw America as being formed as a rejection over the central monarchy in the UK and did not want to replicate any aspects of the British government in the new American country.

  3. The Anti-Federalists believed it was important to include a Bill of Rights with the Constitution because D. They felt that if the rights of citizens were not written down, they could be ignored and abused. 

  4. Since it was just a discussion mainly with the diplomatic people (the federalists and anti-federalists) and not really the people as who they referred to as "the people" in the preamble. It was a just them as a "class".

  5. It compared the federal government to a tyrant ( more like their previous king George)stating that it gave the federal government to much power and not enough power to the states and especially the people.

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