Why did buddhism become widely adopted in china?

Why did buddhism become widely adopted in china?

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  1. Neo-Confucianism was created to stop the growing influence of Buddhism. This taught that people should be concerned about the world as well as the afterlife It also included some Buddhist and Daoist beliefs Confucianism was a religious tradition with beliefs about the spiritual world that followed the teachings of Confucius.

    They thought they could escape suffering if they followed its teachings.

    Neo-Confucianism appealed to people much more during the Song dynasty. Later, Neo-Confucianism became official government teachings.


  2. Answer/Explanation:

    China was freshly out of a civil war. Shaken up, the Chinese wanted to adopt a religion that was peaceful and for pacifists. That religion was Buddhism. People said that if you were a Buddhist, the religion would end your suffering, and that seemed pretty nice to the Chinese.

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