Why does the sun appear to move from east to west across the sky​

Why does the sun appear to move from east to west across the sky​

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  1. If we consider a system where the y-axis as the South-North line, and the x-axis as the West-East line (where North and East are the positive sides)

    We know that the sun goes from East to West, so in our system, the sun goes from the positive side of the x-axis to the negative side of the x-axis.

    Where we would see this if we were standing right in the equator line.

    If we where in other point of the planet, the Sun will stil move from East to West, but it will have a little tilt along the path, so we will have a little displacement in the y-axis. This displacement will depend on where we are, if we are at the North of the equator, we will se that the sun seems to go a little towards South as it goes to the West side.

  2. 1. The earth's rotation causes day and night because it exposes certain parts of the earth to the sun as it rotates.
    2. The earth rotates 365 days.
    3. Saturn's rotation is faster while it's revolution is slower than Earth's.
    4. Because the earth rotates from west to east.
    6. Water on earth allows most organisms to live.
    8. Gravity pulls the moon toward the earth.

  3. 1. new moon and full moon

    2. twice a month

    3. full moon

    4. rotation

    5. the moon shadow falls on Earth, and the moon is in between Earth and the Sun

    6. 27.3 days

    7. east to west

    I may be wrong idk I guessed on some

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