Why is it important to analyze your audience before writing your research paper? how might this affect what you include

Why is it important to analyze your audience before writing your research paper? how might this affect what you include in your paper?

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  1. You must analyze the audience so you will know what points to focus on - because where one group may come from a background where they understand where your coming from, another may not.

  2. 1) NIBIN stands for "The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network".It is a computer network in the United States which contains digital images of recovered pieces of ballistic evidence.

    2)Rifling is the arrangement of spiral grooves on the inside of a rifle barrel.The two markings are markings on the bullets and markings on the cartridge casings.

    3) Distance determination is s the process of estimating the distance between where a shot is firedand its target. This is done by looking at the shot pattern and powder residue.

    4) The Greiss Test is a test that uses chemicals to develop gunpowder residue patterns, particularlyaround bullet holes

  3. The correct answers are:

    1. The meaning of The NIBIN is the National Integrated Ballistic Identification Network.

    2. Rifling stands for the spiral grooves in the gun put by the manufacturer. And the two types of markings are the grooves land on the bullet.

    3. It is the process of figuring out the distance between the gun and its target. And it is done by looking at the patterns of the shot and the gun remainings.

    4. The Griess Test is the one which use chemicals to see gunpowder remains patterns, especially around the bullet holes.

    5. It is marked with the investigator's initials at the tip or the base. And It should be avoided to mark the sides.

    6. First of all,  It is necessary to be sure that the firearm is marked correctly and is put into the proper bagging. Then, see that it goes to the right place and finally the firearm in the same position that it was before.

    7. it is useful on the grounds that it can determine if the shooting was an accident or the person was shot on purpose.

    8. The first step is to take a picture of the crime scene, then I would be sure that the bullet is preserved properly, so the evidence is not altered. After that, the bullet is placed into a container, then taken to the crime lab, at the crime lab the bullet will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed properly in an envelope.

    9. The challenges are to analyze the pieces of evidence from the tool marks that were left from the tool.

    10. There is something called The Doppler Effect which the forensic use to Identify a firearm by the sound it makes.

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