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  1. i would think yes.


    because we have every natianlity in our country which makes us so diverse and unique. that's why in a lot of cities there are places like little italy, koreatown, chinatown.  

  2. 1.  go out into nature and commune with the divine2.  experience real solitude to truly perceive nature3.  realize that individuals are meant to learn from nature and transcend it4.  think of nature as a symbol of the divine

  3. Hey mate!!

    Nepal was divided into provinces because of the following reasons:

    For uniform developmentto bring national unity and to remove regional utilize proper run administration smoothlyto decentralise power

    It may prove good by:

    State government can solve political,social,economic problems of a particular province .It maintains close relationship between state and people.It accelerates development activities.

    Hope this helps..

    Good luck on your assignment...

  4. I will only tell why Nepal was

    You should write letter yourself


    To run the administration effectively and efficiently

    To decentralise the administrative powers of the country

    For the proper utilisation of available local resources

    To check internal migration

    To encourage people's participation for sustainable development

    To end socio-economic disparities

    For the proportionate development of the country

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