Why was the battle of yorktown significant in the american revolution?

Why was the battle of yorktown significant in the american revolution?

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  1. Last major battle of the Revolutionary War American troops under George Washington and Comte de Rochambeau trapped British troops under Charles Cornwallis and his troops in the Chesapeake Bay, with the help of Admiral de Grasse and the French fleet. Cornwallis was forced to surrender. Significance: although not the last of the fighting, this signified the end of the war.

  2. It is considered the last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War. ... The battle took place in Yorktown, Virginia, near the York River. After the French fleet defeated a British fleet, Cornwallis was cut off and had to surrender to the French and the Continental Army.

  3. The Battle of Yorktown significant in the American revolution are discussed below.


    Battle of Yorktown significance in the American revolution

    The Battle of Yorktown is the final and major battle of the American revolution.George Washington has a very clear strategy to trap the British troops.The Americans and the French surrounded the British at the corner of the peninsula and bombard them with the cannons.The British surrendered to the Americans at the end of the Battle and the colonists win the American revolution.

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