Why was the harlem renaissance important to american society?

Why was the harlem renaissance important to american society?

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  1. The Harlem Renaissance is a term for the period of thriving cultural activity that occurred in New York City's Harlem district between the World Wars, that is, from the early 1920s to the early 1930s. The movement's foreground figures were poets, writers, intellectuals and musicians such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Josephine Baker, who laid the foundation for their international careers. The Harlem Renaissance was characterized by a belief that art could have an effect on social ills. The movement was influential on the ongoing African-American civil rights struggle and contributed to a stronger self-esteem and identity of blacks in the United States.  

    The movement died out sometime around 1930, but the researchers dispute what the causes of this were, but probably it was a radically changed social climate due to the Great Depression.

  2. The correct answer is D) It brought the African-American experience into the cultural conscious of the country.

    The Harlem Renaissance was the blossoming of African American culture in creative arts - musical, theatrical and visual arts -. This was caused especially because of a migration of African Americans from rural to urban spaces and from South to North what raised levels of literacy and pushed the creation of organizations that pressed for African American civil rights.

  3. The video describes how the Harlem Renaissance was a groundbreaking movement for African American artists, writers, musicians, and intellectuals. The Harlem Renaissance represented the first wave of culturally resonant artwork from the African American community, and the movement helped open opportunities for future African Americans.

  4. The Harlem Renaissance was a turning point in black cultural history. It helped African American writers and artists gain control over the representation of black culture and experience, and it provided them a place in Western high culture.


  5. The Harlem Renaissance was a golden age for African American artists, writers and musicians. It gave these artists pride in and control over how the black experience was represented in American culture and set the stage for the civil rights movement.

    The African Americans used art to prove their humanity and demand for equality. The Harlem Renaissance led to more opportunities for blacks to be published by mainstream houses. ... The Harlem Renaissance helped lay the foundation for the post-World War II protest movement of the Civil Rights Movement.


    Hope this helps 🙂

  6. The Harlem Renaissance was significant because it gave African American people and other people of African descent, a new and improved status in the society. Because they made wonderful contributions of new kind of literature etc in the world.

  7. D)It brought the African-American experience into the cultural conscious of the country.  

    The Harlem Renaissance (also known as the Black Literary Renaissance and New Renaissance) refers to the flowering of African American literature, art, and drama during the 1920s and 1930s. Though centered in Harlem, New York City, USA, the movement impacted urban centers throughout the United States. Black novelists, poets, painters, and playwrights began creating works rooted in their own culture instead of imitating the styles of Europeans and white Americans. 

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