WILL MAKE BRAINLIST. LOTS OF POINTS. PLEASE HELP. – Write a brief summary of the main ideas in this

WILL MAKE BRAINLIST. LOTS OF POINTS. PLEASE HELP. - Write a brief summary of the main ideas in this essay by Paredes. See page 79 of Glencoe Literature for help on writing a summary. Then do a compare and contrast activity: Select one of Franklin’s proverbs on page 110 of Glencoe Literature and one of the dichos that offers similar advice. Copy the two proverbs, and explain the common advice that they give.

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  2. Ok so what from what I just read they want you to find imformation n the items you have choices from below you explain the ways it repersents American culture when it was written.. meaning what they did just in their beliefs or traditions.

  3. Answer

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