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  1. The passage employs the given first, third and fifth options.


    The passage discusses the power of cryptography as it leads to the success of information age. It informs about its power to safeguard privacy leading to success in various spheres be it business or personal information in future. A bit of history is also there when the time period of its continued existence in the past is stated.

    So, the passage given from The Code Book by Simon Singh focuses on the topic of encryption. It  employs an informative style and mentions the history of cryptography.

  2. No discussion of privacy in the United States would be complete without a discussion of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which offers the


  3. A.It focuses on the topic of encryption.

    B.It gives factual examples.

    C.It employs an informative style.

    E.It mentions the history of cryptography.

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