Write 3 measures that can be taken to provide clean water. ​

Write 3 measures that can be taken to provide clean water. ​

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  1. 1. I am definitely sure that this response has most directly impacted citizens in the United States: heightened domestic security measures to defend against terrorism. Military actions against suspected terrorist compounds and foreign policy doesn't have the direct impact on the citizens because it can't grant them 100% security from terrorists in the place citizens live.

    2. I think the most suitable answer is: All terrorist groups have political goals that they try to achieve through violent means. According to its definition, terrorism is the use of violence against civilians to achieve particular political goals. There are many political organisation which have been involved in terrorism because of their political aims. It could nationalists, religious groups or revolutionaries.

    3. The information in the sentence given above provides evidence for poverty. Poverty is the term which describes the state of those who lacks of money or other material goods. There are different reasons of poverty, like political, economic or social. This term is also could be described as inequality. This inequality occurred because of industrialization and corruption.

    4.  I am completely sure that Chernobyl accident exposed people, crops, and animals to deadly radiation over a wide area. There was catastrophic nuclear accident caused by the explosion of the Reactor No. 4. National and international spread of radiation was four hundred times more than by the bombing of Hiroshima.

    5. If my memory serves me well, correct answer to this question should be: It made efforts to draw attention to child slavery. This attention helped to decrease the number of organisations involved in child slavery.

    6. As far as I remember the United Nations has taken part in the international response to developers who threaten the ways of life of indigenous peoples by establishing standards for development.

    7. In my view deforestation is a threat to the environment because it causes erosion, which leads to flooding. Deforestation is very harmful to the environment because forests covers in about 30% the land area on our planed and produce oxygen and also it cause land erosion and affects on weather.

    8. I think this statement about world poverty is an opinion rather than a fact: Poor nations should take steps to restrict their population growth to ease demands on limited resources. The word "should" leads me to the conclusion that this statement is kinda advice. And this is correct advice as it's one of the ways to reduce the level of poverty.

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