Write a complex sentence that describes the picture.

Write a complex sentence that describes the picture.

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  1. I was traveling through the desert and passed a, large, black, low-top shoe, looked like it might fit so i tried it on.

  2. When making a compound complex sentence, in this case, I would make sure that my sentence would have a compound, which would contain a clause, and making sure that it would be a complex sentence.

    "This vehicle would be very fun to ride, i'm sure it's not that hard.".

    This would be an example above. ↑

  3. The correct statement is B. Using different types of sentences and varying between paraphrasing and direct quoting will keep a reader interested.

  4.  big gloomy clouds give a dark ominous shadow, whilst the sun peeks through the clouds shining brightly against the rippling waves.

  5. For once I am glad for the heat, because if it wasn't hot then the owner of the red stiletto motorcycle likely wouldn't have risked getting a ticket just to park in the shade.

  6. I would say that the answer is b because the rest of the answers are taking normal things a little too far, such as you should never heavily quote just to avoid plagiarism, but you should use quotes. 

  7. It will stop raining soon, because the sun is shining through the clouds, and the ground will become dry.


    A compound-complex sentence is a sentence with 2 independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses connected by a conjunction.

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