Write an essay about a memorable holiday you had 5 paragraphs

Write an essay about a memorable holiday you had 5 paragraphs

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    My most memorable holiday was when I was in second grade , its when I got to travel to Europe with my aunt and my mom , we travel different places , and learn different cultures , it was a fun experience and a memorable one .

    So the trip first started in Switzerland , it was a cold summer and weather are not to friendly . but despite the bad weather , the country was so clean , people are very friendly and everyone obeys the rules , and the atmosphere was so fresh and clean . So in the first day , I remember going to a restaurant with a background of a beautiful garden , lots of trees and flower , I remember staying there until the sunset , and enjoying the beautiful scenario . So the next day at Swiss I went to the fish market , and we bought some fish , and we decided to visit my aunt friends and we had barbeque for lunch . After visiting my aunt we decided to go to the park and we jog together . So the third day in Switzerland was much interesting , we rent a car and decided to go to a chocolate factory , and buy some chocolate , the best things was we got to taste different kinds of chocolate . After a very long day , we finally went back to our hotel room , and took a rest.

    The next day we went to the airport and headed to Italy , Florence , there we stayed for four days , and quickly headed to Milan , the first day in Milan we decided to visit our aunt friends , and took a tour around the city with a bus . After staying there for three days , we headed to Rome to visit the Sistine Chapel , and Colosseum , there we only stayed for two days , and quickly headed to Venice , it was very unique there , ex : there are only boat for transportation , but the city was very beautiful and it was so clean . After 3 days in Venice , my aunt decided to take me to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower , but there we only stayed for two days, Finally after a very long trip , I finally got back to Singapore and stayed there for five days , and the next day I went back home to Jakarta


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