Write letter to your foreign friend telling about your favourite teacher​

Write letter to your foreign friend

telling about your favourite teacher​

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  1. Kathmandu,Nepal

    19th March,2020

    Dear Nishan,

    I was so delighted to receive your letter last Tuesday and I went through your letter and came to know that you are fine there. I also want to assure you that I am fine here . As, in this letter I am going to describe about my favourite festival i.e. Tihar.

    Tihar is the second greatest festival of Hindus after Dashain. It falls in the month of Kartik and it is a festival of lights, flowers, sweet, swings, llaying cards, deusi bhailo and kites. People clean and devorate the houses and streets. There is a lot of shopping and people exchange greetings and wishes for health, wealth and happiness. Tihar is a five-day festival and is also called Yamapanchak.

    The first day is observed as kag tihar on which crow is worshipped and fed early in the morning. This bird is considered as the messenger of both good and bad news.The second day is kukur tihar on which dog is worshipped. The third day is goru tihar, the day of oxen that plough field. It is also called govardan puja and mountain of cow dung is worshipped. It is the New Year Day of Newars who perform Mahapuja in the evening.

    The last and main day of five-day Tihar is bhai tika. On the day, sisters worship their brothers, put seven-different colur special tika on their forehead and makhamali garland around the neck. They wish their brothers good health and long life and oofer delicious food and dry fruits. Brothers too offer back tika, money and clothes. Tihar strengthens bonds of love between brothers and sisters. It is an expression of human love and respect for animals. I enjoy Tihar very much.

    Hope you will enjoy very well while reading this festival. For today, this much. Hope that you will be influenced by the Tihar festival.

    Your lovely friend,


    hope this will help you very much

  2. Explanation:

    My country is free of slavery. And there is a lot to see. There are so many different cultures here in the united states to learn about and see. All thought the prices for things are going up its worth at least visiting here. The weather is different every where so you get a chance to experience different weather.

  3. Dear Friend,

    I wish you are having a lovely day when you are reading this. I wanted to write this letter to tell you about myself.( I don’t really know what to write about you but you can explain yourself, where do you live, your favorite food, etc.). As you guessed, yes, I go to school. My school has a lot of nice people. Everyone is helpful especially my teachers. My teachers take good care of us and they help us succeed and find our passion.My favorite teacher is ( Start talking about your favorite teacher and why it’s your favorite) I am really excited to meet you someday and learn about you more. Please take good care of yourself.

    (Your name).

    I’m sorry if this wasn’t helpful enough but by writing a letter you’re expressing yourself.

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