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  1. Peter has an isolophilia because he seeks for kalopsia whenever he feels kilig seeing his crush nearby. However, he knows that he does not have a chance with his crush because he is a logy and a lagom. That is why he considers himself as a lufmensch  everytime he daydreams about his crush’s kalon along a komorebi with an attitude of livsnjutare which triggers the madeleine in his mind.

  2. an idealized cycle of processes undergone by rocks in the earth's crust, involving igneous intrusion, uplift, erosion, transportation, deposition as sedimentary rock, metamorphism, remelting, and further igneous intrusion.

  3. Mystical racial definition I think this one is based on a certain race defining themselves according to their religion such as Eastern mysticism. Mostly people being defined as Muslim based on the fact that their religion is under this section.

    Biological is based on the race to which you were born that can be either Caucasian or White

    Administrative is the race that has been assigned to you after you were born and that is written down on your birth certificate.

    Explanation:Biological definition is the that has been mostly used to define different race in the United State.

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