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  1. Step-by-step explanation:

    As the given equation is


    We have to find the ordered pair which satisfies the equation.



    Plug x = 0 in Equation [A] to find the y-intercept







    when x = 0, then y = 5/2

    In other words, (0, 5/2) is the ordered pair of the equation [tex]-x-4y=-10[/tex].

    Putting the value of x = 0, and y = 5/2 in Equation [1] for validation of the ordered pair (0, 5/2)


    [tex]-0-4(\frac{5}{2} )=-10[/tex]

    [tex]-(\frac{20}{2} )=-10[/tex]

    [tex]-10=-10[/tex]      ∵ L.H.S = R.H.S

    Hence, (0, 5/2) is one of the ordered pairs which is a solution to the equation [tex]-x-4y=-10[/tex].

    Similarly, x-intercept can be found by putting y = 0 in [tex]-x-4y=-10[/tex].






    So, (10, 0) is another ordered pair (x-intercept) which satisfies the equation [tex]-x-4y=-10[/tex].

    The graph is also attached for the equation [tex]-x-4y=-10[/tex] where you can easily figure out x and y intercepts.

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    Learn more ordered pair from


    [tex]What ordered pair is a solution to the equation -x-4y=-10[/tex]

  2. D

    Step-by-step explanation:

    we let that,


    given the equation that,


    so,we substitute the values of (x,y)=(3,2)it become


    and test another coordinates(-3,3)


    botha answers doesn't give 10 as the answer so the answer is D(neither)

  3. x=−4y+10

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Let's solve for x.


    Step 1: Add 4y to both sides.



    Step 2: Divide both sides by -1.

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