You can take steps to prevent sickness and accidents. true or false

You can take steps to prevent sickness and accidents. true or false

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  1. A vaccine contains weakened bacteria or viruses and is injected into the body. The body responds by attacking said bacteria/viruses. By attacking, the white blood cells learn how to create antibodies which can be used for the next time the viruses or bacteria are in the body. It creates an immunity to the sickness until the virus or bacteria evolves at which point, you need another vaccine.

  2. Option:(A)- A knowledge about food-borne illness, is the best option to choose from the following options given.


    CDC:(Center for Disease control and prevention)

    As the CDC approach to preventing the sickness is done in structured way, as the sequence of steps conducting by the institution starts from Conducting a research for the knowledge about the food-borne illness. That how they are formed or originated, as they study the way it spreads from one person to another.

    As the researchers do study on the different aspects of the illness or sickness considerations.From its origination to its steps of spreading to different individuals around the infected person.

  3. Here, I have copied the final version of my work.

    Volunteering at the Texas Health Tech Institute in Medical healthcare  has provided material to   study the way in which people act towards each other and to study the effects of social and cultural factors on health and medicine. There , the medical staff ‘s main objective is to help people view the healthcare system as a facility for the community. The aim of the volunteers is to become part of this staff to study the way in which the staff works and to be able to help the Institute improve the healthcare system. This will be for the volunteers one of the greatest opportunities seen  in the history of medical careers.

    The volunteers closely study what the medical staff does at the Institute.  The medical staff uses their skills to help the healthcare facilities improve the conditions of patients and people. This may be through conducting research on the social factors affecting healthcare, providing people with information about healthcare and working with people to prevent sicknesses .In this way , the recovery process will be sped up. The work of the medical staff combines both medical  and people-based aspects to offer effective solutions. The focus on health, illness and the effect of these on society will cause changes in  public attitudes towards sicknesses, mental health and disabilities.  For example, this focus will help the old get older. The staff are studying this group of people to help them live longer.

    Examining what medical helpers  do at the Institute is also helpful for volunteers .These , unlike the medical staff , focus on the inner dynamics  of medical organizations and medicine-based institutions. In Britain, the management of medical institutions was introduced into the medical school- course syllabi following the Good enough Report (1944). [1] Medical helpers do have to take up regular medicine-based courses and  learn about their responsibilities .  These courses are given under the immediate supervision of  doctors or other healthcare professionals . Medical helpers have many duties including,   answering phones, greeting patients, updating and charging patients' medical records, filling out policy varieties, managing agreement, planning assignments, arranging for both  hospital and laboratory services. Handling billing and book keeping is also part of their job.

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