You decided to take part in your school annual talent show write a letter to your best friend to tell him about your performance

You decided to take part in your school annual talent show write a letter to your best friend to tell him about your performance

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  1. Hello Karl!

    I hope you are doing well. I am happy since I took part in my school's annual talent show and it was great. Let me tell you about it.

    You know how I love playing my guitar, well I decided to play We will rock you by Queen with it because it is my favorite song. But to make it more interesting, I played the harmonica simultaneously with my guitar.

    I knew that playing two instruments at the same time wouldn't be easy so, for two months, I practiced every day. The hardest part was the harmonica since I didn't have much experience with it.

    When the day came, I remember that they called my name. I put my feet on the stage and played the song. As soon as the audience heard the song, they started to clap and sing along.  I won the competition. The experience taught me that I could get what I want by working hard and do things with passion.

    Tell me if you had had any similar experience.

    See you!



    When we write a letter to a friend, we use an informal style throughout the letter.

    The letter should have an introduction, where we tell our friend why we are writing, a body, where we develop the topic in detail, and lastly, we make a closing sentence, say our goodbyes, and sign the letter.

    In the body, we have three paragraphs, one for every aspect that we want to describe. In the first paragraph, we tell our friend what we performed in the talent show, explaining why we choose to play that song. In the second paragraph, we describe our preparation. We said how long we practice, our biggest problems, and the frequency of our practice. In the third paragraph, we describe the talent show. That is to say, how we perceived the experience, how the audience reacted, and what we learned from that talent show.

  2. Hello Kitty,

    I am happy to write to you this letter by the way how are you doing ? I decided to take part in my school annual talent show.

    Firstly, Alex,Adam and I went to perform a dance,the reason why I took dancing is that i like dancing at school and at home too.Am gonna tell you how we prepare how dance, First I told Alex and Adam that we are gonna dance in the school's annual talent and in that way we prepared our dance.And the happiest part is that we entertained the audience and the judges.

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