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  1. Equipping these women with basic literacy skills will empower them to contribute more meaningfully to society.

    AParagraph 1

  2. coastal plain to oil drilling. Those attempts have failed because of tremendous opposition by the American people, including the Gwich’in Athabascan Indians of Alaska and Canada, indigenous people whose culture has depended on the Porcupine caribou herd for thousands of years. Having visited many aboriginal peoples around the world, I can empathize with the Gwich’ins’ struggle to safeguard one of their precious human rights.

  3. I tried help you out. In a lot of cases, you forgot to capitalize names. Instead of repeating "says" as well as "replies" try to use other words. My biggest tip would be to add more emotion by using rhetorical devices to your characters. You want them to be relatable. 🙂


    Emma’s birthday is coming up this week and her best friend and her brother have been acting strange. Emma has been busy planning for her party for weeks. She wants it to be indoors, so she works on getting the house cleaned up for the party. She asks Shaila to come over and help her out so they can get the job done faster. Shaila comes over and the girls hang out for a bit.

    “What’s your theme?”, asks Shaila.

    “I’m not sure yet, I think I’m just going to just have a normal party”, replies Emma.

    The girls agree that that’s a good idea and they get to work. Emma starts texting out invitations while Shaila makes sure that they have enough tables and chairs. Emma notices that Shaila didn't finish counting but is nowhere to be found. As Emma is still planning her party, Shaila is working on a big prank that she and Josh planned.

    “Did you get everything ?”, Shaila asks.

    “yea”, Josh replies with a shrug.

    “Okay, so when are you going to put everything into place,” she asks.

    “Well I was thinking that I could set it up while Emma is sleeping, and if you tell her you are sleeping over you can help me get it done faster,” Josh explains.

    “Great! id-" Shaila gets cut off as Emma walks into the room.

    “There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere” Emma exclaims with a smile.

    “Oh, sorry I was just saying hi to Josh. I also thought it was a good idea to ask if he knows of anyone else, we need to invite.” Shaila saves with

    “Ok let’s go get back to work,” the girls say in sync

    The girls go back downstairs and start decorating the house. Hey Shaila I’m going to order the cake, says Emma. Okay, I’ll be here, replies Shaila.

    Hours later...

    “We should probably go to bed now”, Shaila says.

    “ok” Emma replies.

    Once Emma is fast asleep Shaila quietly gets up and walks out of the room. Josh has already gotten all of the old house décors down from the attic. They start to unpack all of the stuff and put it into place where it used to be.

    An hour or so later, they are finished, and all the new décor is up in the attic

    Wow, it looks the way it used to”, Josh whispers.

    "That’s the point”, Shaila sarcastically replies

    After that, they both heads back to bed

    Emma wakes up extra early that morning because her cake is coming, and she needs to put up the final decorations before the guests arrive. She goes to grab her checklist that she left next to the pink flowers last night. When she gets there, she realizes that the pink flowers are not there. Instead, her list is next to a candle. She talks a look around her house and realizes that the house looks just like it did last year… see sees a paper on the couch. Its Josh’s list of decorations he needs to replace. She realized that he was trying to pull a prank on her, so she decides that she is going to get him back much better. The rest of the day at the party she decides to act like nothing even happened and like she hasn’t noticed…

  4. I cannot answer tou because i only can write and this question needs a data table and other things that are impossible to do here

  5. The full answerisin the document attached, this is just a preview since there is a character limit.


    After analyzing the three states, there a lot of conclusions that can be made. First of all, these states have a division of power. There are different organs, responsible for ruling over different matters. Philippines, on one side, is a more liberal State on its formation; its constitution contains a bill of rights, belonging those to some universal principles, such as but not limited to, habeas corpus and due process. On the other hand, North Korea has division of power as well, being the Supreme People´s Assembly the legislative power, the Presidium, responsible for regulating the power and duties of the SPA, and administering Justice at a National level. People  in North Korea do have rights and liberties, for example, work, education and health are granted rights, there is freedom of speech and religion,  there are elections, and some others, but what makes a difference between this and the other states is that the basis of the exercise of these rights is collective, not individual and this can be a limitation.  

    The advantages of the socialist system in North Korea is that in theory, there should not be differences between people, but most importantly, there is a spirit of modernism and transformation thru the state, that´s an interesting view and an advantage: the people, collectively will build the country, and take it to a perfect place for everyone thru science and education, which is free from kindergarten to university. But the main disadvantage is that this model is not compatible with the rest of the world and it drives the nation to isolation, because they base their model in cultural principles which are not negotiable, such as Chongsanri spirit, which in short words is a model of inspiring people to work for the nation´s sake, not for a material compensation, which in western societies might be taken as deeply unfair.

    On the other hand, Japan´s model is certainly a western-like constitutional model and similar to the Philippines, being some of the advantages that Japan grants free education to all its citizens, something that does not happen in Philippines, as their bill of rights focuses on individual freedoms and those rights which regulate the relationship between the state and the individuals, for example, the right to a speedy trial or not to incriminate oneself. Japan declares peace is one of their fundamental principles and that is the reason why Japan resigned to war or to use force to solve any further conflict. This is an advantage, because for a country, resigning to war means to dedicate in other efforts for the good of their citizens.  

    Type of Government...

    Each country has both similarities and differences. The second ones are more related with the names of the organisms which intervene in the government process, but the main duties are quite the same. Constitutionally speaking, North Korea is not a dictatorship taking into account that everything in the country belongs to its citizens, and that people can be elected as early as 17 years old to any position in the government. But the leader represents the foundation of the country, hence the nation,  and the leader are somewhat blended, and this is the reason why this position is actually inherited, so this is certainly a dictatorship in the practice, although their Constitution says that everything belongs to everyone and that the real power are the people.

    Japan is a constitutional monarchy. The Emperor represents the unity of the people, in short words, he rules only on behalf of the people, and that is actually the source of his power: people, not a divine rule as it was in the past, when he used to be the son of the sun or some kind of semi god.  He has the authority to sign regulations and decrees, for example, but there is a Prime Minister, head of the executive branch, who is the head of the government, and there is also a Supreme Court and a Diet, which has the duties of a congress, composed by two houses.

    As of the Philippines, it is a democracy, a republican form of state with its power divided in three branches, in which the head of the state is the President and the judiciary is under the control of the Supreme Court and the legislative branch is in charge of the Congress and Senate.            

    To what extent can the people participate in the governing process of each country?

    The participation in politics is equally granted in each one of these states; in North Korea, people can be elected to local or national Assembly, that is a constitutional right, similarly as it happens in the Philippines and Japan, where the right to suffrage is granted in the Constitution. This certainly, can be undermined by different local factors, such as corruption, lack of political parties or difficulties to access to the government or influence in decisions taken.    


  6. Maybe you can split up the questions. I will try to answer your first question.

    1. In an elastic collision, momentum is conserved. The momentum before the collision is equal to the momentum after the collision. This is a consequence of Newton's 3rd law. (Action = Reaction)

    2. Momentum: p = m₁v₁ + m₂v₂

    m₁ mass of ball A
    v₁ velocity of ball A
    m₂ mass of ball B
    v₂ velocity of ball B

    Momentum before the collision:
    p = 2*9 + 3*(-6) = 18 - 18 = 0

    Momentum after the collision:
    p = 2*(-9) + 3*6 = -18 + 18 = 0

    3: mv + m(-v) = m(-v) + m(v)
    the velocities would reverse.

    4.This question is not factual since the energy of an elastic collision must also be conserved. The final velocities should be: v₁ = -1 m/s and v₂ = 5 m/s. That said assuming the given velocities were correct:
    before collision
    p = 10*3 + 5*(-3) = 30 - 15 = 15
    after collision:
    p = 10*(-2) + 5 * v₂ = 15
    v₂ = 7

    5.You figure out.

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